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scout is out...volume 3

the scout guide charlotte volume 3 is out this week.  we were thrilled to be in the guide for the third consecutive year.  editor hobby sherman did a fabulous job once again scouting charlotte to highlight the best of local in our wonderful city.

current exhibitions

ruth ava lyons + johan hagaman

ruth ava lyons

paradise lost


johan hagaman

a vine grows around it


march 7 –april 26, 2014


paradise lost

an eco-reading of milton’s epic poem paradise lost suggests ideas of stewardship of the land along with the monumental exploration of our inner selves. modern sensibilities can appreciate the story of the fall from grace, bringing “eden” into perspective during these crucial times of environmental crisis.  whether it be our understanding of our role in the control of wildfires in giant sequoia groves to protecting the health of phytoplankton microorganisms in the great barrier reef, we must all tend our garden and come to know the earth.  this work is a response to the conflicting forces in this shifting imbalance of paradise. 

--ruth ava lyons, 2014


a vine grows around it

weed.  dig.  dance.  observe. communicate.  pollinate.  bloom.  my art explores personal mythmaking, and the dualities-- fate/luck and choice, security and insecurity, belief and knowing— often involved in shaping our stories; and it also often references literature, mythology, the cosmos, current events , and especially the flora and fauna of my southern environment—and paradox.

                                                                        --johan hagaman, 2014