arless day is here!!!

we are so excited for arless day's solo exhibition opening tomorrow night.  arless just got in town and the show looks amazing.  the opening is from 6-8 tomorrow night, friday september 14th and there will be lots of yummy food and drinks.  for the few of you out there who do not know who arless day is we have included some photos!


his incredible paintings are collage and gouache on board.  he starts by cutting up images out of books and rearranging them into architectural settings that somehow in arless' gifted hands make sense visually even if in real life they could not be possible.  after all of the collage is in place he finishes the work by painting over them with gouache.  the end result is an imagined place full of light and saturated color.  a place where one would want to linger for a while just as your eyes will want to keep exploring arless day's gorgeous collages.  see you soon!  if you cannot get by in person the entire exhibition by arless day is up on the website so check it out.





ruth ava lyons + art in embassy

we are pleased to announce ruth ava lyons will be having a solo exhibition at the nature gallery of the north carolina museum of natural science in raliegh.  the show entitled "the road not taken" will be up october 5-28.  ruth has been working hard on new paintings to be included in this exhibition.  very exciting!


also ruth's painting lemon tree is included in an art in embassy exhibition on view in chisinau, the capital of moldova.  for those of you who have never heard of moldova it is between romania and ukraine in eastern europe.  if you are either in raliegh or chisinau next month make sure you check out ruth's show!



just in!! new paintings by bill braun

we adore the work by seattle based painter bill braun.  his trompe l'oeil paintings will blow you away.  viewers always take a double take when we explain his paintings are all paint and no collage.  come by and take a look for yourself we are open for gallery crawl tomorrow friday september 7th from 6-8 pm!

fishy vase  2012

acrylic on canvas

16 x 16 inches

blue flowers  2012

acrylic on canvas

14 x 14 inches


two flowerpots  2012

acrylic on canvas

16 x 16 inches

holly hollingsworth phillips + the english room

holly hollingsworth phillips is a fabulous decorator + blogger in charlotte and also co-owner of the english room. she is a longtime friend and supporter of hidell brooks gallery.  holly has always had her own distinctive style starting in the 80's with her obsession of anything neon especially clothing and accessories.  thank goodness it has come back in style again.

more importantly she combines her own style and vast knowledge of interior design into her creative projects. holly is a master at interpreting her clients desires into a reality.  the end result is a cohesive interior mixing traditional and modern with a bit of funky.  she also loves art!

holly has helped katharine over the years with her house.  below is her living room and a close up of the new wall paper + curtains recently installed in her daughter's room.  



we had the pleasure of visiting holly at pixie spring cottage her mountain home in linville earlier this summer. we were up for the day installing art at another client's home and she was sweet enough to treat us to lunch at the golf club.  it was delicious and the macaroons were out of this world.  we had a quick tour of her cottage and got to see the charles edward walker painting hanging in the froyer over her mantle.  it looked amazing!

this past week we delivered and installed two paintings in her newly painted orange dining room in charlotte.  a large selena beaudry watercolor went on one wall.  the orange made the watercolor pop!  opposite we hung an oil and encaustic on panel painting by miranda lake.  


holly gave us permission to give you a sneak peek of other hidell brooks artists that have made their way into her home over the years.  we love working with you and look forward to more projects ahead!  please check out her website and subscribe to her blog with the link above.  below is a julian hatton monoprint in her breakfast room and a chris hayman painting in the living room.  thank you holly! 






dnc + southend

the dnc is coming to charlotte next week.  we will be open all week!  a new southend sign went up last week beside the lynx line right outside our door marking the southend.

new collages by arless day will be up for the gallery crawl friday, september 7 from 6-8 pm.  arless day will be on hand for the crawl.  See you then!

portrait painter's estate  2012

collage and gouache on board

11 3/4 x 12 3/16 inches




jacob cooley + beach trip

we are headed off to our annual pilgrimage to the beach.  we call it our annual board meeting.  it is nice to get away from the day by day operations and reflect on the overall direction of the gallery.  everyone always laughs to hear that we not only work together but also vacation together.

 the view from the back porch

the house we go to is on the marsh.  the marsh is a spiritual place that you can look at forever and never tire of the view.  we feel that same way about paintings.  we sit and stare at the marsh and say to ourselves if we could only look at this view all the time.  it is one of the reason we love jacob cooley's paintings!

jacob cooley lives and paints in north carolina.  he received his mfa from the university of north carolina.  his paintings are very realistic and simplified down to very precise brushstrokes.  the light he captures in his work is amazing.  from dawn to dusk his paintings capture the beauty of the marsh like no other.  a painting you can stare at forever.

rise  2011 oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches

october tidal pool  2007-2012 oil on canvas 40 x 30 inches

late twilight 2012 oil on canvas 40 x 30 inches

we will be picking up these gorgeous new paintings by jacob cooley on the way back from the beach.  hoping everyone has a wonderful end of the summer!



install of the week

we had the pleasure of installing two amazing paintings in corcord yesterday afternoon.  a wonderful new collector has made her home in concord after living all over the world.  the house had some empty walls that were in need of color.


an intricate collage by selena beaudry went over the sofa.  the collage is out of our current solo exhibition by selena entitled bips, babbles and screams up through august 31. 

opposite from selena's collage, we hung one of ruth ava lyons's long narrow paintings.  the room faces west so the light from the windows made the painting positively glow.  the two works of art played off each other beautifully.

we wanted to say a special thank you to our collector for allowing us to share her fabulous home for our first install blog! more to come.