having your child's portrait done can be a tricky process.  we have heard horror stories from our friends and collectors.  so when hidell brooks gallery stumbled upon the paintings of laura sanders at art miami a few years ago we smiled.  laura is a figurative painter.  she is drawn to figures in water whether it be a pool, lake, or ocean.  how the water distorts the body, drips and rolls off the skin and reflects the light throughout.

we were awestruck by her paintings so when we found out she takes on a select number of portrait commissions a year we were ecstatic!  above all laura sanders want her portraits to be beautiful paintings that just happen to be portraits.

her process is simple, but not quick.  she comes to your choice of locations for a few days. takes 1,000 plus photographs of her subject.  filters through the photos one by one. laura chooses two to three she thinks will make amazing paintings based on composition, reflection and color.  the client chooses their favorite which has ended up not being an easy task.  then 6 to 8 months later the painting arrives depending on the size. 


laura sanders has an incredible talent when it comes to handling paint.  we are thrilled to be showing her paintings as well as being able to offer our clients an option when it comes time to have you or your child's portrait painted!!!