painting of the week!!!

hidell brooks gallery is thrilled to be having our first solo exhibition for scott duce at the gallery in late fall.  his beautiful paintings are slowly arriving at the gallery.  scott duce is an artist working in new york.  his paintings are in museums, corporations and private collections. duce received his mfa from boston university and his bfa from the university of utah.  we will be showing his marker series and in public series.  his unique style is a contemporary twist on the classic landscape that make for stunning paintings.  the in public series is a study of the human figure in motion.  his paintings are not complex in structure, they are simplified and thought provoking.

the artist states, "though the tree is the obvious focal point of the paintings, the land and sky assist in its dialogue, weaving a pattern of meaning and suggestion. it is my intention to find diversity in combinations of these elements, which then help to establish a connection between the whole painting and the viewer. it is important to recognize the image of the tree not necessarily as the tree outside of my window, but as the vehicle which i use to establish the time-honored process of painting."