arless day is here!!!

we are so excited for arless day's solo exhibition opening tomorrow night.  arless just got in town and the show looks amazing.  the opening is from 6-8 tomorrow night, friday september 14th and there will be lots of yummy food and drinks.  for the few of you out there who do not know who arless day is we have included some photos!


his incredible paintings are collage and gouache on board.  he starts by cutting up images out of books and rearranging them into architectural settings that somehow in arless' gifted hands make sense visually even if in real life they could not be possible.  after all of the collage is in place he finishes the work by painting over them with gouache.  the end result is an imagined place full of light and saturated color.  a place where one would want to linger for a while just as your eyes will want to keep exploring arless day's gorgeous collages.  see you soon!  if you cannot get by in person the entire exhibition by arless day is up on the website so check it out.