amanda talley + bill braun

amanda talley

informal forms


bill braun

“my fourth grader could do that!”

september 6 – october 26, 2013


amanda talley

“painting, for me, is about translating the activity and movement of the outside world into a vocabulary of paint and line. light, color, and energy are reflected in a fractured window view of the underside of a live oak or in the curls and folds of an elephant ear. each painting experience becomes a challenge to push aesthetic decision-making aside, in favor of drawing in the moment. the best paintings occur when I succeed in letting action dictate form.”

--amanda talley, 2013

bill braun

bill braun’s paintings are impressive feats of hyper-realism. what appears to be the ingredients for a fourth grade art project of cut out construction paper, masking tape, staples and brown craft paper loosely assembled on the wall is in reality a tight and precise execution of acrylic paint on a flat canvas.

trompe l’oeil (french…”deceives the eye”), a type of painting, usually a still life, which by means of various illusionist devices persuades the viewer that he is looking at the objects actually represented. successful trompe l’oeil occupies a very shallow space behind the picture-plane, or actually seems to project beyond the picture surface.


talleySlate 84x48.jpg