arless day "timeless places"

arless day

timeless places


january 10 – february 28, 2014


a theme that is ever present in this exhibition is timeless places.  the unpredictable nature of these collage paintings lead me and inspire freshness for what I love to do.  the artist, marc chagall once said, “art must be an expression of love or it is nothing”.  my thirst for places of uniqueness have taken me on this creative journey.  the english pathway, london skies and pleasures in the country, are a few examples.  paris, venice and london are a central them in many of my works in the pat years and represented in this show as well.


the paintings:  four elephants and a tub, golden dress, before the dinner party and terrace flowers all give a hint of a moment in time.  the stowe piano is a collage I created in celebration of my past exhibition at daniel stowe botanical garden.


some interesting elements that found their way into the work were butterflies, cars, candy ball machines and a helicopter.  the candy ball machine in the glory of paris is a tribute to artist wayne thiebaud and was a highlight in completing this body of work.


in a letter from Richard spears, an art critic whose essays and reviews have appeared in newsweek, artnews and the los angeles times, wrote me concerning this exhibition.  “your interiors have always had so much of the exterior spilling into them, so it’s nice to see it vice versa, gorgeous.”  how a room opens into the outdoors define the character of the place.  the marriage of the interiors and exteriors is a challenge that brings new life to familiar places.


in the process of art, there is a clear adrenalin rush from God that has to be patiently harnessed.  this exhibition is a continuation of that pursuit.