sally king benedict + kate long stevenson

sally king benedict

facing view 


kate long stevenson

variations on an untitled theme

july 17 – august 29, 2015


opening reception with sally + kate 

friday, july 17

6 to 8 pm



facing view

i wanted to create a body of work that blurred the line between figurative portraits and abstract landscapes.  they exemplify the bits and pieces of our photographic memories that reminisce on different places and times and the state of mind they put us in.

--sally king benedict

variations on an untitled theme

It's important to me that my paintings have a subject, despite how non-subjective some can seem. with my nude paintings, the figure is the vehicle that invites you to discover the true subject: the way it was painted. the abstracts have just skipped that introduction, altogether, but they're still about something--music, tempo, motion and emotion. it all comes from a feeling, but then the challenge is not only to translate that to the canvas but to have it make sense, compositionally.

--kate long stevenson