selena beaudry

selena beaudry

a muffled, tumble, thicket, tangle or bramble

painting is my first love.  the languages of paintings are what drives my work the slashes, smears, and blobs are like words or songs for me. cutting up my paintings and drawings allows me to see my marks in a new fresh way.  i create my pallets from the blobs, slashes, hatches and smears.

i have always wanted to walk through a painting. some of my favorite shows that i have seen in museums or galleries are when i am enveloped by the work.  whether it creates a feeling of calm or frenzy. this installation is my attempt at placing the viewer in the midst of my artwork.

- selena beaudry 2018

april 6-28, 2018

opening reception friday, april 6th from 6-8 pm