todd murphy + daniel anselmi

todd murphy

from here to there

todd murphy was born in chicago and moved to georgia as a child. after studying art at the university of georgia, he began his artistic career in atlanta.  for more than three decades, todd murphy has explored a practice that combines sculpture, painting and photography. with the inquisitiveness of a 19th century naturalist, murphy has traveled to the far reaches of the world, collecting, photographing, and fastidiously cataloging everything from melting glaciers, to aviary species, to exotic fruit. his photographic studies of curiosities become sources for complex narratives based on philosophy, mythology, and the supernatural. in his work, murphy often goes beyond these classical prototypes to include subtexts of bigotry, southern history, and fantastic literary stories. In the end, his recurring protagonists — horses, birds, dresses, and boats — are poetic vehicles for a humanistic discourse. todd murphy currently lives and works out of brooklyn, new york.


daniel anselmi

a way of painting

daniel anselmi works with paint and all manner of cast off paper to create abstract and layered compositions of texture, form, line and color. in this series, vibrant color as well as scale play new, important roles. he has shown extensively in new england, including at the university of maine museum of art, the center for maine contemporary art, the portland public library, and the university of new england.

october 5-27, 2018

opening reception with artists friday, october 5th from 6-8 pm