exhibition opens for chris metze & chris terry

new paintings by both chris metze and chris terry arrived at hidell brooks gallery this past week.  the two artists paint in totaling different styles but their work compliments each other beautifully!

chris terry is an artist and professor at utah state university.  he is the recipient of numerous awards as a painter including the utah visual artist fellowship, and a WESTAF/NEA fellowship in painting. he has twice been the recipient of a fulbright fellowship for teaching and research in germany and in 2000 was a visiting artist at the american academy in rome.  an except from chris terry's artist statement:

"the central theme of my work is the ability of light to transform. although i select and place my subjects carefully, they are mostly drawn from the insignificant artifacts of everyday life. they lack a strong ego and without the stage i build for them, they would likely be overlooked. the interiors I choose are similarly anonymous. i’m drawn to these spaces and objects that lack a strong individual presence, and i rely primarily on light to transform an abandoned interior and enigmatically placed object into a secular altar."

chris metze is a dual citizen of the united states and canada. born in 1973, he grew up in both montreal, quebec and brooklyn, new york. he studied painting and sculpture at the emily carr institute of art and design in vancouver, british columbia. chris metze lives and paints in woodstock, ny.

his abstract paintings are stunning and their complexity brings you in slowly.

the opening reception is this friday april 6 from 6 to 8 pm. all available paintings are on our website but we would recommend seeing these amazing paintings in person! the show runs through april 28.  look forward to seeing you soon.