painting of the week!!

rana rochat, 2011, oil + encaustic on paper, 38 x 27 inches.

rana rochat's circular motif is elegant and sophisticated.  her color is saturated and the layers of wax provide depth to her beautiful abstract work.

rana's artist statement:

there is a universal fragile balance between order and chaos, reason and spontaneity that my paintings try to capture. they are pictorial metaphors of this fragile balance using marks, forms, colors, as well as the luminosity and visual depth afforded by the encaustic medium.

the forms and marks are natural and seemingly familiar, yet they are nonspecific, not easy to 
label. i intend for them to be fluid, without fixed meanings. within an environment of deep light 
and color, my goal is to create an experience that is pre-verbal, promoting pictorial awareness 
prior to any explicit formatting of perceptual experiences into narratives. i like to think of my 
paintings as visual poems.

my idea is that narratives sacrifice intuition, gut feelings and the profound experience of 
mystery that a painting has the potential to provide. my forms and marks, with their apparent 
weight, particular vitality, and inertia live in a luminous and transparent environment.