exhibition opens for david kroll

hidell brooks gallery is pleased to be having a solo exhibition for david kroll which opens this friday, may 4 with a reception from 6-8pm.  david kroll will be in attendance friday night.  he is one of our favorite artists and has been showing with us since the beginning.  his paintings are absolutely gorgeous in an awe inspiring way.  they are painting at its finest.

"I paint personal refuges, interior landscapes, moments - places to visit for solace and sanctuary, to be reminded of the value to the human spirit of wild creatures and wild places. Much of my work is intuitive. I do not approach my paintings as photographs or illustrations of real places or situations. It is not my intention to create an accurate depiction of a particular creature or habitat, but to create an invented, imaginary moment touching upon man's complicated, perplexing relationship with nature. I try to do more, in other words, than compose a visually interesting collection of wild creatures, objects and spaces. I try to create an emotional and intellectual connection - however fleeting - between the viewer and the power of landscape, the interdependent web of life, the idea of nature itself.

I am interested in beauty, not superficial prettiness. I try to paint substantial beauty. I approach my blank canvases without a definitive image and let the painting develop in a slow organic way. I paint in increasingly refined layers, a practice that allows me to discover the narrative and emotional content of each painting over time. Using this method, I try to express why a sunset fills me with wonder, why a certain quality of light can make a busy day suddenly still, and why the momentary sound of a bird call can seem - for that instant - like the most important thing in the world."

david kroll has always wanted his paintings to provide a connection between the viewer and nature. the beauty of nature shown through a beautiful painting. when looking at a painting by david kroll the power is in the beauty of the ordinary objects whether vases, birds, eggs, trees composed together to create a window for our minds to escape all the choas surrounding us.  the stillness in beauty is captivating.



        the solo exhibition for david kroll at hidell brooks gallery runs through saturday, june 30.  take a moment and drop by.  you will not be disappointed, we promise.