the gettysburg review + arless day

arless day has the distinguished honor of gracing the cover of the current issue of the gettysburg review.  his collage paintings are also featured inside the review as well.  the gettysburg review published by gettysburg college is the country's premier literary journal.  

the editors of The Gettysburg Review express their deep commitment to the arts and humanities by seeking out and publishing the very best contemporary poetry, fiction, essays, essay-reviews, and art in issues as physically beautiful as they are intellectually and emotionally stimulating.  our most important criterion is high literary quality; we look for writers who can shape language in thoughtful, surprising, and beautiful ways and who have something unique to say, whatever the subject matter or aesthetic approach. we have very eclectic tastes, but are highly selective, publishing only two percent of manuscripts submitted to us annually.

hidell brooks gallery is looking forward to the next solo exhibition featuring arless day's painting collages in september just in time for the democratic national convention!