the art of hanging ART

there is an art to hanging ART.  everyone always wants to know the secret to installing art. we have a simple mathematical calculation that works every time.

we use a 60 inch medium.  meaning the middle of each painting no matter the size is at 60 inches. most museums and galleries use this technique as well.


measure height of painting 

= 13 inches

divide by 2

= 6 1/2 inches

add 60

= 66 1/2 inches

subtract distance from top of painting or frame to wire tightly pulled

- 3 inches

= 63 1/2 inches

hammer nail and hang!

disclaimer: this only works when there is nothing under the painting!  there are many other rules that apply to hanging over furniture, mantles, up stairwells and on and on.  we do highly recommend using OOK classic professional hangers.  we will continue our series on the art of hanging so check back for future blogs for more tips.