studio visit - page laughlin

we love visiting our artist's studios.  it definitely gives you a glimpse into their world.  the world where they create the unimaginable.  first for themselves then for the pleasure of the viewer.  we are always amazed with the artists fundamental need to create something.

entering page laughlin's studio in winston salem you are immediately overwhelmed with the amount of objects everywhere.  from sculpture by her husband to piles of paintbrushes in all shapes and sizes to gloves, tape and of course tubes of paint scattered about.

page is a bit obsessive about her paint colors.  charting every color she has used with their name and details to remember for future use.  she is a professor of art at wake forest university and the current chair of the art department.

page laughlin's paintings over the last decade have been based on interiors derived from photographs of homes in high end magazines.  from there she reinterprets them into a painting to delve into what is behind the image.

"these commercial images are compelling subjects for my painting because they reveal much about our consumptive desires. i am interested in what these fantasies reveal upon closer inspection and in what is veiled in seduction.  my work has shifted emphasis from more formal concerns of the interior space towards an increased focus on the contents of the interiors themselves."

we have come to view a new body of paintings she has been working on all spring.  actually we are the first outsiders to lay eyes on the new work!  she is now incorporating figures in her interiors.  the paintings are amazing.  the beautiful interiors are still there but are now occupied by people.  their is a tension in the new work.  the figures are interacting as in something has just happen or is about to happen.  their presence brings the viewer into the interior and makes you want to be a part of their conversation.  the new paintings are very compelling.  we have permission to share a glimpse.

the work is still in progress but we are looking forward to showing the new paintings at hidell brooks gallery.  we are very excited to announce page laughlin will be having a show at the north carolina museum of art in february 2013.  we left her studio filled with the anticipation of seeing the finished work in the coming months and with a handful of beautiful beets grown in her amazing backyard surrounding her studio.