geraldine neuwirth + anke schofield

geraldine neuwirth

the theater of balancing energy

i started as a figurative painter and found myself interested in philosophy, abstraction and spiritual concerns. i was attracted to the inner power of forms and how they make a conversation layered with energy and emotional experiences. through layers and layers of drawing, painting, scribbling, tracing, rewriting, constantly adding on dimensions and shaping pieces, i have developed a personal vocabulary, a new alphabet that speaks of the forever growing ‘thread of existence’. my work often comes out of chaos but then it simultaneously reveals a specific personal order that feels very right to me like the balancing act of allowing the expression to coexist with the external world in the act of creating.

my father worked for shubert theatre and from very early on i attended many rehearsals and the notion of a ‘world within a world’ became apparent to me. the life happenings, developing a story and touching on the philosophy of movement and change had a profound effect on me. the circus entered into my consciousness and my themes of expression presenting a stage for the inner reality where what you see is only a small element of what actually exists.

recently, for the last number of years i have been working with paper and building with paper to create collages as well as wall constructions, also developing shapes that exist by themselves with the effect of floating off of the wall. a strong extension of my work has become the actual remnant that appears from making and sketching the larger shaped pieces. it has no need to be defined in any way, it just exists on its own like a total unedited energy. i could see myself extending this language in the future making sculpture and installations.

-geraldine neuwirth 2017


anke schofield


i want to inspire those who see my work, to take notice of the world
around them. to discover beauty in unusual places. i am drawn to animals
for their beauty and contribution to nature. they silently take a role in
the world around us, unnoticed and without words. in this new series of work BALANCE
my work depicts how life is a balance and one without the other just doesn't work. balance is not something you find it's something you create. the heart of my work embarks on a journey which the viewer is presented with a narrative but not a conclusion.

never lose the childlike wonders of the world.

-anke schofield 2017

july 14-august 26, 2017