sarah helser + charlie hanavich

sarah helser

no wrong season

one of the most extraordinary things about being a child is the ability to imagine anything without the boundaries of knowing what is and what is not true about the universe around us. as an artist my goal is to take hold once more of that view.  the challenge is to use fully the disciplines i have learned with my craft and simultaneously maintain he childlike scope that sees a world not defined by the structures of reality.  each piece is a reminder to both me and the viewer that we are more than allowed to break the rules.  even the most ordinary subject can be made extraordinary if we reshape it through the whimsy of imagination.  using a variety of mediums, these pieces are formed and reformed until they come into their own organic completion.  each tiny detail makes itself equal in importance to the main subject, a discovery of beauty in unusual places.  

-sarah helser 2017


charlie hanavich

more than 15

the expression "15 minutes of fame" was inspired by andy warhol's famous declaration "in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes".  more than 15 is a selection of icons, painted by charlie hanavich, who've caught our attention on the world stage for more than 15 minutes. 

charlie hanavich is a self-taught artist from atlanta georgia who's artistic output has been generated in absence of any formal art training. he states that through his process “new insights, lines, and personalities evolve leaving a greater appreciation for each subject”.

-charlie hanavich 2017

october 6-28, 2017

opening reception with the artists friday, october 6th from 6-8 pm